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Team Building

The foundation of a healthy environment in the workplace is cooperation. And with the TODEPA-Team Building Method, we will remember the benefits of working together as a team. This methodology is designed for companies and organizations to enhance the values ​​of the collective spirit.
The TODEPA-Team Building Method sessions offer the opportunity to create group music through various Body Percussion activities. Making music collectively can be an extraordinarily effective and stimulating way to strengthen the team spirit of the community. In an environment away from the workplace, hierarchical barriers blur, and communication and trust grow.

With the TODEPA-Team Building Method, we will rebuild the group and face stressful situations from a positive perspective. By making music and having fun, we will improve the work environment and, consequently, the results of the participating organizations.

The TODEPA-Team Building Method has a flexible structure that can be adapted to the needs and requirements of each client.