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Body Percussion & BeatBox

Body Percussion and BeatBox are two type of techniques that allow us to create music and infinite rhythms with our bodies.
Body Percussion reverses the code of our senses: it allows us to see the music and listen to the dance. Body Percussion is the art of making music with our body, which becomes the perfect instrument to explore a wide range of sounds and rhythms. This discipline helps us to work on coordination and laterality by creating rhythms and choreographies.

On the other hand, the BeatBox allows us to produce rhythms and sounds using our speech apparatus (lips and mouth, mainly).

Both techniques enhance intelligence and creativity, and our capacity for musical improvisation. Besides, it helps us to improve body awareness and self-esteem.

Due to my 15-years’ experience exploring Body Percussion and the BeatBox, I will accompany you on the exciting journey of creating music with your body. We will reinvent everything we have learned to create a musical language that will open up new horizons.